DEBY ATTERBY  let me introduce myself.

I am the founder of the AAT, I have been an Aromatherapist for 25 years having attained my Diploma in 1990, I am also and accredited lecturer with the IAAMA and ATMS and have lectured in Aromatherapy  for over 20 years, since 1977 I have studied in and graduated in a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Diploma of remedial massage and have undertaken and passed studies in Reflexology, Herbal medicine, Iridology, Advanced Aromatherapy, Aromatic prescriptions and Aromatic Energetics and 5 elements and have completed the Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine.

Further, I have attended and passed extensive Advance Aromatherapy studies, in particular courses held in France with Dr. Daniel Penoel (MD) and Rhiannon Lewis

In 2000, we established the Aromatic Aromathology Therapies (AAT), an organisation for Aromatherapists passionate about their profession and the direction of their industry.

The AAT assists with the ongoing education of local Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Aromatherapists and other natural medicine therapists to maintain their rating with such associations as the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA).

All Aromatherapy workshops held at our venue are eligible for OPD points.

The venue has also been booked for private workshops by owners of salons, in order to train their staff in the latest products and other modalities .

AAT  the acronym for AROMATIC AROMATHOLGY THERAPIES but what else do the letters stand for?”

A            Answer

A            Aromatherapy

T            Therapeutically

Unfortunately all our well known therapists are very busy in making our profession more credible through their world wide lecturing and their writings and we thank them for this , as such, they are unavailable for answers to specific questions.

My web site is a means to give all Aromatherapist the ability to seek solutions in the clinical care of their patients and if I am not able to answer your questions directly, I will research the answer through my direct and indirect contacts in the Aromatherapy world, naturally, if my answers come from other learned colleagues, I will identify the souce of the information.

It is normal that during our training years, we would have missed a lesson due to sickness, family responsibilities, etc, or we may have not got the lesson quite clear in our head.

Through this web site all therapist are free to seek advice about clinical aromatherapy blends and treatments by posting their questions on our contact sheet and I will respond to them all.

Also, I am available to run workshops on clinical ailments at our venue for a minimum class of 8 students and a maximum of 16 students on any specific ailment so feel free to contact me about couse fees and structure.

I am available to speak at any Aromatherapy function on the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, or any other venue interstate that may require me so please feel free to contact me regarding arrangements and fees.